Sales! New Merchandise & Even More To Come


Hello ladies, Golf Sophisticate is back and better than ever. Not only do we already have some items on sale, but we also have all kinds of new merchandise. From some of the best known women golf apparel lines known out here. This year at the PGA here in Las Vegas, I was fortunate enough to meet what I believe to be some real up and coming women's fashion apparel companies. Soon I'll be displaying some of their wonderful merchandise right here on As time goes on I believe people want to keep the same golf etiquette look but with bolder colors, patterns, and diversity. As women we know how much more convenient it is to have a nice day on the course, and then still look presentable enough to go enjoy a nice lunch. Or just to have an outfit on that is golf/tennis appropriate but still be able to run errands, pick your kids up from school and just other day activities without having to bother to rush home and do so. My intention is to provide just that. Diverse looks for the corporate golfer, mother/wife golfer, and/or maybe just us social golfers. There's a lot of new items on the site as of now. But in a week or two you should be noticing even more items added that you will either love or not care for so much. Either way, I intend to spread my demographic of shoppers. Guaranteed there is something here at Golf Sophisticate for everyone. If any of you personally think there's something that needs to be added or maybe a brand (s) I should take a look at, please let me know. I always am up for suggestions when they come from my customers. So I hope you enjoy the items on sale, new items displayed, and the newer ones yet to come. Happy Shopping!

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