Beautiful Golfers & What Makes Them Beautiful

These women are Top 10 beautiful golfers. Not only are they beautiful, but successful and healthy. Where they shop? Who knows. Sponsored by many I'm sure. But they all have their #golfapparel taken care of, and a good skin care regime. Being out in the sun like that can sure take it's affect. Not on these women. All 10 of them have managed to stay gorgeous, successful, #fashiontrendy, and have flawless skin. We all can't be as beautiful, or successful, or #fashiontrendy. But I know we sure try. As a woman myself, I can say that while staying active, whether it's tennis or golf I like to look my best, and now I've even found a solution for my skin problem. Living in Las Vegas we all know It's majorly hot. No more sun spots or acne for me. #RodanandFields fixed that problem, and as far as my #golfapparel or #tennisapparel I have that in stock. In my own home. A room full of #trendy #comfortable #durable #upfprotection #coolelements clothing that I not myself wear, but sell. If you didn't know and are curious check out my site. I have a little bit for everyone, no matter your style. I can also supply you with the best facial products available. All on my site. They come hand and hand. So even though we may not all be as in shape or beautiful or successful as these fabulous women, we sure can try by staying #trendy and by making sure our skin stays flawless. Doubt I'll personally be as great as they are at golfing but I give it all I have when I'm out there and I don't doubt the rest of you ladies do as well. #fashionaddict #golfchat #stayactive #lookgoodplaybetter !

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Golfers for 2016 from 1 Step to Better Golf Featuring Paula Creamer, Michelle Wie, Shin Ae Ahn, Jaye Marie Green, Cheyenne Woods, Lexi Thompson, Alison Lee, Paige Spiranac, Jenny Shin, and Sandra Gal.

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