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“Golf is a game of coordination rhythm & grace; Women have these at a high degree"
-Babe Didrikson Zaharias

At Golf Sophisticate I have made some changes, so that every day active women like yourselves can find it easier to maneuver around my site. Find comfort on clicking on one simple tab and the products of your taste, style and quality will appear. My goal is to make you feel stylish, confident, and strong through every part of not just your active life, but your interaction with me and my site. Hopefully, you’ve experienced many of the design enhancements focused solely on YOU. From new designs, easier browsing and making it a breeze to buy and go.


I personally am not a big golf player. For social events here and there you’ll catch me out there. Tennis though, I enjoy thoroughly. The point of those statements are that no matter your preference, age, style, reason to stay in shape we as women do it our way and dress comfortably and want to look good while doing so. We have a range of high end brands from Cutter & Buck, JoFit, Nancy Lopez, Nivo, etc. Specifically designed and chosen for the career golfer, corporate golfer, social golfer, competitor golfer. No matter what you’re looking for if it’s activewear I have it. Light fabrics, cool elements, UPF sun protection. There’s a new selection of knit skorts with elastic waist and side zippers. Extended sizes with beautiful fashionable designs are no longer difficult to find. If a little cold while on the course I offer layers. Zip mocks, dry tech moisture wicking fabric technology all appropriate for today's woman that keeps us warm but also subtly shows off our femininity.


Anything you need help with my information is here. Don’t hesitate to personally e-mail me or call me. Indecisive on what to put together? I’d be more than happy to get on the phone with you and help you find exactly what suits you. I am here to help and as a mother myself I know how busy life can be. So if you can wear something on the course that is also nice enough to wear to a nice early dinner or lunch I may have just what you’re looking for. If you disagree, again I’m always more than happy to help. Though shopping on line isn’t like going out with a girlfriend to give you their opinion I’d be more than happy to take their place without the hassle of crowds. I hope my improvements here at Golf Sophisticate are to your liking. I’m certainly happy with it and what’s more to come!

Happy Shopping!